About Us

192.168.o.1 was established in London in 2022 by networking enthusiasts Laurent Benshabat, Ryan Rosenthal, and Harry Sales. The three friends met at Imperial College while pursuing their degrees in software engineering and quickly bonded on the shared ideas of how to drive innovations forward.

After spending some time apart, the three friends met up again – older, wiser, and more experienced. Laurent has worked for giants like Avaya, Meta (formerly known as Facebook) and Akamai and Ryan and Harry have an extensive background in networking and security for major domestic and foreign governing bodies. Every single one of our founders has the CompTIA Network+ and is a JNCIA-Junos Certified. Laurent, Ryan, and Harry stay on top of the wave of each technological innovation in the networking field. All with the sole purpose of tailoring a free source of information about IP addresses and routing that you understand and come to love from the get-go.

When the three met for the first time a couple of years ago, they realized they have not forgotten their passion for the belief that their potential clients deserve not only an outstanding technical service but also a user experience that is rivaled by none. So, what were the three friends to do? They rolled up their sleeves, and in some of the most turbulent times in recent history, brought you 192.168.o.1